Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I might be getting a cold.  When I had COPD, I was promised by doctors that getting a cold could mean big trouble in terms of breathing. But, now that I have asthma, I wonder what the ramifications are... I just asked Dr. Google and turns out to be the same dire outcome so, I'm going to have to go with no cold. Thanks anyway.

My new tracker is so far not accurate and a real inconvenience. It does collect a truckload of info. I'm going to give it at least until next week before I take it back.

The pool has been getting increasingly crowded. Yesterday, I was there later than usual and it was full. Today I got there about 7:15 and swam without another sole for 30 minutes and then, in the span of 5 minutes, 5 other swimmers showed up. I think tomorrow, I'm going to try leaving here about 6:46 which should put me pool side by 7.

I stopped by the grocery store after the pool and didn't spend a lot of money but holy crap did what I got weigh a lot.  I got stuff to make spaghetti sauce. And ice cream. Among other things.

Yesterday I did all the laundry and put it all away so today is just doll making and maybe spaghetti or chili or not.

When I went by the baseball park this morning, they were putting up the giant banners on the windows of all the marquee players.  Twitter is full of Spring Training news. It's that time of year when I feel most conflicted. I hate the idea of warm weather coming but I cannot wait for baseball to start.
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