Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Totally Worth it

I got to Mill Creek more than an hour early. That cost me $80. The killer is that there is a Walmart on the way into the center of town where my financial adviser's office is. The good news is that I had to cut the shopping trip short to get to his office by 10. So glad I didn't leave home any earlier.

Stay tuned, however, for some awesome doll hair.

"The market will recover... this is why we diversify..." and then we got to chat about fun stuff.

Then I went to the pool. Google has issues in the boonies, it turns out. It took me a convoluted way but whatever. Lots of planned home owner association type housing groups. I have zero clue what all those people do for a living out there... They must have commutes from hell.

I found the aquatic center and gathered my gear and went in to be greeted by a nice young lady who, when I said I'd never been there before promptly responded "Well, welcome! I don't have my cash thing drawer right now so you can just swim on us!" Sweet.

The pool was truly magnificent. Chrystal clear huge and gorgeous. 10 feakin' lanes. I swam in the deep end 12 feet. Salt water. Really wonderful and fun. I swam for an hour and then did some aqua jogging (fun in really deep water) and some water dives. My fitness band says I swam an extra 200 yards. It was just fun. I sure wish it was closer. That's a long frickin' way and a really not fun drive back home. But, it was totally worth it.
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