Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hive Bug Bites?

I've been itching like a bitch all winter. Part of it is winter dryness. But part of it, I was finally able to figure out, are these weird places that look like bug bites but appear like hives in random places.

The skin all around the thing itches like crazy for a day or two before the actual bump shows up. Then the bump and the skin around it itches like crazy for a few more days and then, it dissolves.

Right now, I have one on the side of the nipple of one breast. One on my hand. One on my hip. The one on my shin and the one on the other side of my hip are now all better. The ones on my back are gone now, too. A couple of others are in the process of disappearing.

It's just the weirdest thing ever but not fatal. I hope. And now that I understand their Modus Operendi, I that if I scratch some place that itches and a light scratch does not fix the itch, to stop immediately and apply something on the itch right away instead.

So far, much better.
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