Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A street car named Crowded Whaling Babies

I had a nice seat and great view in the second First Hill street car to leave from Pioneer Square.  The first one contained the mayor and dignitaries. Our car even had a few empty seats. The ride was lovely. Pleasant. And fun.

BUT, it stops way short of where I want to go. I decided to walk up to the QFC before coming home. It was raining and crowded and a longer walk than I was really interested in. The people at QFC were clearly not having a good day and taking it out on customers seemed to be a good idea to them.

The walk back was longer and wetter. The wait for the streetcar was about 15 minutes. Not bad but wet.

The car was packed to the gills. With people and strollers and crying babies. And everyone was wet and exhaling so those not crying out loud we creating a steamed box. The windows were too fogged up to see anythig and there were two mothers with strollers pushing against me the whole trip. It was NOT fun.

Now I'm home and dry. AND I've had two delicious chocolate chip cookies.  My fabric says that USPS has it listed "out for delivery" but USPS already delivered here today so I'm not counting on those chickens.

I think I'll go sew a doll.
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