Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

68 Years ago

I just realized that today is my parents' wedding anniversary. 1948. They celebrated 51 anniversaries together.

When I was a little girl I hated this picture taken just after their wedding in Oklahoma City (Crown Heights Christian Church). I was very resentful of the fact that my mother did not have a dramatic white wedding dress that I could play dress up in. This really was a big thing to me and I stayed pissed at my mother for a really long time.

Mom was 24 and had been married before to a guy who was killed in France during at the end of World War II. Daddy had never been married before.

His mother, the tallest one, was a mean, resentful, ignorant woman married to the guy on the far left who was the nicest and funniest.  My Dad was also 24.

My Mom's Mom is next to my Dad. She was The Perfect Grandma. Born and raised one of 7 in central and east Texas, she was also a wonderful hugger.  Her husband, far right, was sweet and nice and taught me to love baseball and suffered horribly from glaucoma for a long time.

I also just realized what today is kind of an odd fact.  None of these six people were every divorced and all three marriages passed the 50 year mark.  (My own marriage lasted about 10 minutes, my brother was married 3 times - the shortest of those was the middle one of 8 years, my sister's husband died after they had been married 20 years.)

None of this group is alive today. My father's father died first, when I was just about to finish college. The rest peeled off one by one. My Mom lasted until 2005.

I was very lucky to have had them all.
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