Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


All of a sudden, it seems, I keep bumping into earthquakes. Some national news story about the NW on TV and how, around here, we are building against the next tsunami which is about 100 years overdue. (nums could be off but that's the gist.) And the novel I'm listening to while I swim uses earthquakes in St. Louis as a plot pivot. And just now I saw 3 unrelated tweets about earthquake reporting, planning and happening. WTF? I vote no.

I went back to the dollar store this morning after my swim and scored some cool elastics for my dolls. I went back to get some more gummy bear/worms that I got last time but they had run out. Oh and waxed paper. They have the best waxed paper for sewing (I use it for adding hair and keeping certain bits together or easing them through... you sew over it and then it's very easy to tear away. Good waxed paper doesn't work as well.)

When my doctor insisted on proscribing a new rescue inhaler, I pshawed him (not out loud) and very nearly didn't get the prescription filled. I didn't even take it out of the box and put it in the drawer with the rest of the Drug Stash.

It kind of started while I was swimming and then built up after - this cough/breathing attack that wasn't horrible but felt like it could get to horrible pretty fast. I sat in the car and breathed and drank water in small sips and it got way better. But, that fucking rescue inhaler is moving into my pocketbook to live today.

I have nothing on the calendar until next Tuesday. It looks like they might be starting up the new trolley ... finally. Two years ago, the track installation fucked with my drive to the pool every day. But, they finished the track eons ago. Then the actual trolleys were delayed and then the testing took forever. Then earlier this week they announced the details for the opening ceremonies but no date for same. Today they announced they would start allowing passengers on Saturday.

I love this city but the number of times it trips over itself never fails to astound and amuse me.

Anyway, maybe this weekend even - I will likely go take a trolley ride. The end of it is two blocks from here and it goes through Capital Hill which has all kinds of restaurants and fun shopping but no parking. I'm thinking it will be a fun thing to use for grocery/lunch/brunch runs.

But, now, I think I'll go make a doll.
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