Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It was dry and then it was not

The past couple/few years, it's been pretty darned dry in Seattle.  Summers are always pretty dry but winters were now dry, too. No rain down here. No swow in the mountains. I still don't think there's a ton of snow in the mountains but lordy lord have we had the rain. It's been really nice. No glaring sun. Freshly washed air. No dust. And, because it's so north and west, it's not at all humid. I"ve never seen mold in my bathroom. I can leave crackers out on the counter. In the south they would be cracker soup in an hour. Here, they are as crispy on day 2 and 3 as day 1.

The Seattle brand is rain but the reality, not so much. Til this year. This year, rain is the default and it's interesting. Still hilarious to hear people bitch about the rain here. What part of that branding did you miss? I'm a rain lover so this is my time and I'm enjoying it.

But, it does generally clog up the roads. This morning, it took me twice as long to get home from the pool. No biggie. I try to expect it will take 25/30 minutes and then be delighted when it turns out to be 11.

My swim was one of those that could have gone on forever. I did keep going an extra 10 minutes because no one wanted my lane and it just felt good. I'm thinking about maybe making a Costco run for cupcakes and gas.  No reason not to.

Then more dolls and bears. I had a great idea for a new doll outfit while I was swimming. 
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