Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Calling the shots

My brother and I were discussing (bitching about) various TV and radio things. He said that it was way past time for Charles Osgood to step down from CBS Sunday Morning. For his money, the guy is just ruining a great show. I will admit that while I used to watch every minute with great interest, I now do fast forward through lots of it. And Osgood's fascinating with rhyming things badly is very annoying.

Jane Pauley has hosted a few times in the past year and done a great job. Plus, I have always liked her.

While my brother was still here, CBS announced that Charles Osgood is in the process of retiring and that Jane Pauley is his likely successor.

I was bitching about Frank Deford who has a weekly increasingly annoying commentary on NPR which always happens to air while I am listening. Lately, I just turn the radio off when he comes on. Life is too short to listen to that old fool.

Today it was announced that his weekly commentary has been cut back to once a month.

I need to make sure I use my powers for good.

Turns out I do not have the skills for waking up naturally. Since I turned off the alarm, I now wake up at 4 am, 4:30, 5:30, 5:55, 6:05. I'm going back to setting the alarm for 6. 60 years of a habit kind of makes it unerasable and who cares anyway?

I'm tearing through the fiberfill between stuff bears and stuffing dolls, I'm using up my stash pretty fast. So last night, I ordered more. I ordered two boxes to save on shipping. And only this morning, while I was swimming did I noodle out that I have no place to put more. It comes in a nice box which I can store in my closet but, once I open up the box, the fiberfill swells to about 4 times the height of the box and becomes an instant storage issue. This was towards the end of my swim so I didn't get it figured out. I have a couple of weeks before delivery.

My house cleaner is scheduled for today. It will be nice to have everything clean again.

I just saw a Tweet that the stock market slid more down the hill today. I really do think I need to train myself not to look. I think I can do that.

Today after cleaning, will be more doll making. I dreamed up a cool idea while swimming.
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