Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lung win

My doctor visit was very excellent. No waiting. Very pleasant everybody concerned - reception, nurse, doctor, observing doctor, several people in the pharmacy. It was just lovely.

The doctor was most impressed with my breathing and general state. He even said that he thinks maybe my COPD might just be asthma. This makes zero difference to me except asthma sounds less like a condition old people get because they smoked.

I have one inhaler that contains steroids. Last time he downgraded it to a lesser dose version and that really cleared up a lot of my senile purpura (really ugly old people bruising on hands and arms). He noticed the bruising and made the suggestion. It really did help. Today he noticed that my voice is hoarse which it has been for about five years. This time he dropped me back to an even smaller dose which really suits me fine. Fewer drugs the better is my vote.

He also gave me a new rescue inhaler which I honestly don't think I needed but Ok.

The doctor was $50. The rescue inhaler was $45. The steroid inhaler (3 months) was $115. Parking was $7. Whew. At least I have insurance and I have the cash. My best read of my benefits was that today I paid half of my yearly deductible. Regardless, I have, in house, drugs for the next 4 months.

BUT, the big win, was... he does not want to see me again for a year!!! Promoted! From twice a year to a year. V for victory.

I'm delighted that I don't need to see him again til 2017 but I'm even more delighted that I have him on the string. When I really do need lung help, I have the best all at the ready.

Oh! and I found mustard greens! At Uwajimaya. Yahoooo!
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