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My nose runs (and so must be blown) every time I eat a meal. Hot meal, cold meal. Doesn't matter. at about the 60% done point, I have to stop eating and blow my nose. It's been this way forever. But, this time, with my brother, it was so noticeable to both of us. Weird.

"Why do you always use the front stairs when you go to the car and the back stairs when you come home?" We have two ways to get from the main floor down to the floor below where my car is. One is closest to the elevator on the front side of the building and one is closer to the garage exit on the back side. I always use the front way when I'm leaving and the back way when I come home and I have no idea why. I was not even aware I did it until he asked.

My Mom asked me one time when we were discussing my never wanting to get married, "if you don't have a husband, who's going to tell you your slip is showing before you leave the house?"

I finally remembered to ask my brother if he knew of the old Southern tradition of chicken and waffles. He had never ever heard of combining the two for any meal and thought it was about the weirdest thing he had heard in a while. YES!!!! Chicken and waffles has taken over Seattle and touted as an old Southern favorite. I never heard of it until about a decade ago ... in Seattle. And I think it is a very strange combo.

One night last week we ate at a high end Japanese restaurant. We had very little clues about what we were eating and enjoyed it all enormously. But, one dish, particularly, was delicious to the max and a total surprise to use that we were like it at all. It was cooked mustard greens with almond wasabi sauce. It had a couple of pieces of salmon on top and they were good but once they were gone, of us dove into the mustard greens and were amazed.

I finally found a recipe for the sauce and it's way too complicated for me to fool with BUT, I have a bottle of Spicy Asian Peanut Dressing in the fridge and I thought that was a good start. This morning, I discovered that Safeway had zero mustard greens and the produce guy had never heard of them. I got collard greens instead. OHHHHH not close. Collard greens have the texture of shoe leather and smell like burning tires when you cook them. But, I have religious issues with Kale and Safeway clearly has something against greens that aren't true lettuce.

So, now my house smells like burnt tires. But, in the fridge the well cooked shoe leather is now marinating in the peanut sauce. I am not holding out much hope.

I'll betcha Uwajimaya might have mustard greens. I'll be doing some research on that probably tomorrow. I'd go today but I feel like I really need to definitively eliminate the collard option first.

We ate a lot of very excellent food last week - some old favorites and a lot of new stuff. Besides the mustard greens, the other - oddly for us - outstanding item was the salad at Jaks steak house. They are just up the street from my pool and kind of in between the pool and my nail place. I'm seriously considering dropping in there after my next manicure (which would be about lunch time) and seeing if they would sell me a salad to go. (It's a plain chopped salad with blue cheese dressing but the lettuce is deliciously crispy and juicy and the dressing is mild, creamy and outstanding.

Neither my brother nor I are fans of vegetables of any kind. We are card caring Meat And Potato People. The fact that our two most outstanding dishes were green amuses us both.

I just saw a tweet from an MLK Day gathering which has taken over the intersection where my brother's favorite pot (marijuana) shop is. Hope they are cashing in on the crowd.

First, but probably not the last, doll of the day:

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