Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

random odd thoughts on being alone

I've lived by myself for decades. Except for my brother's now annual visit, I have not had anyone sleep overnight in this house for lots of years.

It's a loft. No sound can be made and not heard in the house. So there is no chance of pretending you are alone when you are not.

My brother, on the other hand, has maybe lived by himself for exceedingly brief periods of time (like a couple of months max) ever. So he has co-living skills. I don't. He makes it so I don't have to so it's fine.

The first couple of days, I just itched to sew. Really. It was wild. I wanted to get in that room and make. Now, I have the room all back together but I can wait until tomorrow.

About mid-week, I was kind of, just a little bit, ready to have the visit over. But, not today. I really enjoyed his being here and appreciated his coming to visit so much.

And now I have no one to help me with the What Shall We Do For Dinner q. And I probably won't go anywhere for it. Hmmmmm

I have a tooth problem happening, I think. It's just kind of a vague dull presence now. Kind of how the last tooth problem started. After a couple of years it got worse to the point that I went to the dentist and it came out. But I now have one tooth missing from the back on the bottom left and one tooth missing from the top right so that about maxes out the missing teeth options if I still want to chew. Dental shit is just beyond my capacity to deal. Maybe I'll die before this one matures.

But, the massive itching I had before my brother came? Almost mostly all gone. I'm thinking it's psychosomatic. (I just asked alexa to spell psychosomatic for me and she did! I must remember to use that more often. Easier than google hunt, cut and paste!)
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