Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home again

We got up and went to the 13 Coins at the airport and had bloody mary's and eggs benedict. Delicious. And then I dropped him at the airport curb.

When I got home, I discovered that he had stripped the sheets and pillowcases off his bed and, along with his towel and washcloth, put them in the washing machine. He always says that he was raised by three women (me and Mom and my sister). We did an excellent job.

He asked me what would happen to Zoey if I was out of the picture short term. That led to 'let's say you fall and break a hip and I can't get there for 3 days, will she be ok?' Yep. His plan is to hop on a plane and work out of my living room for as long as he needs to. He even figured out how he can set it up so when the phone rings at the shop, he can flip a switch so that he can answer it with his cellphone no matter where he is. So he has it all thought out which I thought was incredibly sweet.

He's going to set up a note doc on his drop box and I'm going to leave a couple of names and numbers. For longer, he has all the instructions he needs but for the first 3 days, we agreed to a plan. So very nice of him. I'm very lucky.

After I dropped him off, that would have been a great time to go shopping somewhere, anywhere. The whole town is clued to the TV. Also, it would have been a great time to drop in at the gym and take a swim.

But, I didn't. I came home. I got a text from the airport that the Seahawks were losing and the airport was deadly quiet.

I put more clothes in the washer and turned it on and here we are. I've got my credit card accounts all tallied and sorted and transferred the $ from the bank to the credit card to cover all of our adventures. So worth every penny.

I think now I'll put the stuff back from my bedroom closet to the sewing room and get that set back up and then see what's next. My TiVo is choking with new stuff.

Twitter says the seahawks seem to have stubbed their toe in Charlotte.
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