Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wrapping up

My brother is packing up his stuff. His pot (not pottery) is wrapped in plastic tucked in plastic bags rolled into a tight pipe in his aluminum thermos covered with bourbon ready for the road.

We're going to go to the 13 Coins across from the airport for brunch and then I'll drop him off and he'll go home.

Yesterday, we took a bus up to the University District and had breakfast and then toured the farmer's market and still have a ton of time to kill before the movie we wanted to see so we walked. 2.5 miles. It was fun. Then we saw The Long Short.

When we got out of the movie, it was pouring rain. I don't mean just raining hard, I mean the sky was dumping. I have never seen rain like that. It was fucking amazing. My brother had on Birkenstocks with socks and I had on Crocks with socks. We were not dressed for surfing. Plus, I had neglected to study how/where to get the bus home. It was a mess. I found and reserved a Car2Go but it was not close. But, we headed out anyway. Through sometimes ankle deep water. It was wild.

Finally we found a bus stop that looked like it might have buses going downtown but the app was saying the last two buses skipped that stop. Finally the bus that was on break pulled out and BAM, we spied the Car2Go so we got in it and came home and dried out.

He found a coat hook that needed resetting so he reglued that and whapped it in with a rubber mallet. And then we went out to dinner - Skillet Diner in Ballard. It was delicious.

And then home. I turned on the football game thinking he might want to watch it and it turned out to be a game even I enjoyed. Nice evening.
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