Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Morning quiet

It's 7:30. My brother is back in his/the sewing/the fish room listening to his book. I'm in the living room with coffee. It's lovely. Zoey has taken the loot purchased at the pot shop yesterday and knocked it off the counter. It's a good thing the buds were sealed in packaging or that would be one wild distribution of very expensive cat nip.

We had a great afternoon yesterday that involved a trip to Home Depot and a finishing of the kitchen fixes. I now have new beautiful, undermount lights that are LEDs that won't 'cook' the food in the cabinets like the old lights did.

We went to a strange new restaurant in Ballard. Tray Kitchen. It's supposed to be Americanized dim sum but it turned out to me more small plate. The food was good but the service was weird and it was loud. So we headed out to a desert place that was packed and even louder and then wandered down the street to a lovely restaurant that also had nice desserts and had coffee and sweets.

No swimming this weekend because the pool doesn't open til 8 and it would be 10 before I got home and noon before we got the day started. Unacceptable. So... we're going to head out in a bit for the bus and ride up to the university and find breakfast and then maybe do the farmers market and wander around a bit and then go to the movies at the nice movie theater that does not allow kids and lets you pick your seats ahead of time.

Except it's raining pretty hard so we may make changes to the plans. My brother leaves tomorrow morning so today is really our last day. We just need to make the most of it.
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