Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My brother got focused on my grout a couple of days ago. The 25 year old grout that connects the wall tile to the counter has been chipping away for some time. I fixed the problem with packing tape but, apparently, that was not up to his standards. So this morning - after he fixed yet another fabulous breakfast - he's now really fixing.

The cat was initially interested but soon changed her mind. I asked "what can I do to help" and was told "don't get in the way". Soooooooo

Neighbor news. Hunter, next door, has really been cranking up the base and not cranking up the baked goods. I've decided not to worry about it. His landlord - the guy who actually owns the unit and lives in Arizona - butt dialed me yesterday and that led to some email swapping that was interesting. He asked if Hunter was being a good neighbor and I told him about the noise and the baked goods and the 3 dog situation. Noel (the owner) was really pissed to hear about the 3 dogs. He's looking at a minimum huge fine and eviction if this situation gets to the board. Hunter asked me for the pet rules and I printed them out for him. But, I see, even this morning, that he's still taking 3 dogs at a time out for walks. I don't think this is going to end well.

I also discovered yesterday that the fabulous board president has, apparently, agreed to another year. Whew.

I have not taken many photos while Bill has been here - we aren't good photographers in that we forget to pull out our cameras. It's a family thing.

Back when I was a teenager, Daddy took us to Europe one summer. We went on one of the last ocean liners from New York harbor to Bremerhaven, Germany. It was the vacation of a lifetime and we spent months planning and anticipating. My Mom bought a brand new, state of the art, Instamatic camera like this one.


She filled up a bunch of those little 110 cartridges which kind of surprised us since it didn't seem like she took that many pictures.

When we got home and the film came back from the developer, it turns out that about half the pictures were shots of the statue of liberty as we pulled out of NY harbor... The rest of the 2 months was documented with about 1 picture per town. It made one hilarious photo album.

I did get one fun picture yesterday that I forgot about until I went to Flickr this morning. We got to the aquarium dome section just at feeding time...

The grout project is looking good.

Next up, pot. We forgot to go back to the pot shop when it wasn't busy so now we'll go and stand in line. No biggie. It's not like we have a huge agenda and standing in line in a pot shop has to make for some good people watching.
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