Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Visit continued

Yesterday, we hit the streets and went to ride the ferris wheel. What used to be a lovely stroll from here to there is now a nightmare of traffic and construction and noise. It's an assault on the senses and really sad. But the ferris wheel was fabulous. We got a gondola to ourselves. They promised 3 revolutions and we got 4. We didn't even take photos. We just looked and enjoyed.

Then we were on the way up to the Pike Place Market when we spied the aquarium. Why not?! I have a free pass with my King County old people's card so we went up to the ticket counter and asked for one ticket for him and the guy just waved us both in for free which was weird and cool. And we had a great time looking at the fish and otters and sea lions.

After, we went up to the market and had a drink and rested our feet. Then we walked home. Both of our fitness apps noted we had reached our goals so we rested and interneted and just hung out.

Last night we went to Fare Start for dinner. The salad and dessert were amazing and the entree was ok but the experience was really cool. The program trains those with criminal records how to work in a real kitchen as well as life skills. The food was donated and the wait staff were volunteers from a local law firm. They held a graduation ceremony which was very nice. It was a very fun evening.

Now, my brother is waking himself up with coffee. He has a conference call at 7. I am going off to the pool while he conferences. And then we don't know what is next. But, something will be.
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