Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My brother walks and bikes. Yesterday he walked up to the Pike Place market and back before I woke up. That's about a mile and a half total. This morning he walked up to Harborview Hospital which is almost exactly a mile from here BUT most of the distance is nearly vertical. I have a hard time getting up there in a freakin' car. I cannot imagine walking it. He said that it was more difficult coming down the hill.

While he was doing that I decided to go ahead and go swimming after all. It was great. I had previously thought that the window from 6:30ish to 9:15ish was really such a high traffic time coming into town that it wasn't worth trying. BUT, this morning, I left the pool at 8:35 and was home before 9 and it was an easy trip. Cool.

We had a lovely breakfast when we both got home. Now he's on the phone with Microsoft trying to iron out licenses for a couple of his customers. And then we're off by foot and bus to the Museum of History and Industry. And, after that... who knows?

Zoey is totally thrown off by the change in schedule and having someone else around. She does not know what to think. By the time she gets used to it, he'll be gone. A cat's life is not always easy.

But we're having fun.
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