Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Such a nice day

I woke up several times early this morning but about 7ish I heard my brother so I got up. Turns out he had already walked to the center of town and was back. He had fun. We got showers and headed out for bear/doll delivery.

The bear lady was delighted to get the dolls - whew!

Then we went over to Endolyne Joe's in West Seattle for a late breakfast and wow was it ever delicious. That place pisse dme off a couple of years ago but I'm sure glad I gave them another chance. We had a terrific waitress and it was all great.

Then we made a couple more stops on the way home. We walked over to the new train station because it is so pretty and he hadn't seen it. Then we came home so he could touch base with the shop and check on his guys. About 4ish we went over to the International District to Samuri Noodle for a light and early dinner and make sure we got home in time for the football game.

And now we're home watching the game. We may have to watch another football game this weekend so I'm practicing. We're having a really nice visit.
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