Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dollar store therapy

When I was little - like 10/11ish, my father's parents lived in the small town of Chaffee, MO. They lived probably 3 blocks from 'downtown' and it was the 50's so we kids were let loose and told to come home someday. We were free to go anywhere we wanted. It was heaven.

Somehow I always had $1. As I think back now, I'm pretty sure my grandpa would slip me a bill as we made our escape. He was that kind of grandpa.

My brother and sister would wander off somewhere but I would make a beeline for Woolworth's Dime Store with my $1 burning a hole in my fist. I would wander up and down the aisles looking over all the possibilities. A $1 was a fortune, especially at Woolworth's. And there were so many treasures to pick from. I remember spending glorious hours on those old wooden floors.

Today, after my swim, I went to the Dollar Tree and spent a good 30 minutes reliving my childhood joys. I needed toothpaste but found all manner of wonderful things. I spent just under $30 and had a great time.

To this day, if you offered me $30 at the dollar store or $300 at Nordstrom's, I'd pick the dollar store every time.

So now I'm home still riding my retail high. I have new tiny rubber bands for doll hair and some star buttons and flower buttons and some really fat pipe cleanery things for doll boas.

I need to do laundry. Maybe I'll start with that.
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