Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Money Talk

The upside of investing is you can watch your money make money and that is so very cool. If you pick the right investments or, as in my case, the right financial adviser, your money can make lots of money - so much so that come income tax time, you have to pay lots more taxes than you think. And, yes, that is the up side. One year, my investments earned nearly half of what I made in salary.

The downside is when shit tanks like it has for the past few days. On December 12 of last year, I had $27,000.00 more than I have now in investments. $27,000.00. That's some serious buckos.

Tyler, my financial adviser, says not to worry and I don't. He also says not to break out the champagne on days when the bottom line shoots up. And I don't.

Every day I check the number and mark it in my spreadsheet. Green is my net worth and blue is my investment portfolio. (The difference is mainly my condo.)

Screenshot 2016-01-08 at 3.30.23 PM

Kind of makes me glad today is Friday. I can't lose any more money until Monday.
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