Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim book (Being Mortal), this morning, was all about quality of life depending on your perspective. Simplified, research showed that younger people with their built in invincibility do not enjoy their lives as much as people who are in the second half of their life. Being healthy or being financially comfortable or being independent - none of of those things contributed as much towards every day peace of mind and enjoyment as much as perspective.

I've been thinking about this all day. My every day views and opinions are carved from my years on this earth but they are vastly colored by how many years I have left and those colors have changed significantly the older I get. Things that used to stress me out a bunch, no longer matter.

BUT, and I haven't gotten this far in the book yet, while I have gained patience and tolerance with age but I have also gained a giant load of 'get off my lawn'. I think that age and experience has not tipped the scales at all, I'm far more patience with some things and far less patient with others.

I honestly do not stress about global warming as much as I would if I were now 25. I do spend way more cycles thinking and wondering and, yes, stressing about the future of eldercare!

I'm not even half way through the book yet which is good because I haven't figured out what I really think yet.

Meanwhile, today's doll. I got all the bits cut our and organized for a couple more. On Sunday, I will need to shut down the shop and move out most everything so my brother will have a place to sleep and put his things. So today I got everything into tubs and bins so that moving it all and then moving it back after will be easy peasy.

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