Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Maybe the New Years Resolution people are done already. I had the entire pool to myself this morning for an hour. It was kind of weird. As I was leaving two regulars came in so I just had good timing.

Before any dolls, today I need to sew up a cover for my ironing board. The old one was kind of a make shift that I intended to replace months ago and never got around to it. Now it's beyond time. I got it all cut out and pinned yesterday. Today it's sew up and fit and lay out new under aluminum foil (for more even heating). All I have on hand is cheap, thin foil and it would be better to get some good stuff but, I think I'll just make do.

Last night I stumbled across Acorn TV which is a TV service ($5 a month) of British (also New Zealand and Australia) TV shows - some, not all. I wish I had found it over the Christmas holidays when I was scrounging around for stuff to watch. I think I might buy a year this Summer when our TV goes on vacation.

Stuff is coming back from Christmas vacation now and my TiVo is collecting watchable stuff again. Plus, next week, when my brother is here, there won't be much watching so I'll have a nice little bit banked up. I need stuff to knit by!
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