Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a good idea...

I noticed this morning that my house cleaner had lined the crumb tray of my toaster oven with foil which amused me. I guess she was tired of cleaning up those crumbs! I never paid a bit of attention to it so I have no idea how crumby it was.

The cool part is that the aluminum foil has made a significant difference in the time it takes to go from bread to toast. I nearly turned my bread into charcoal today because I was used to the non-foil speed. About half the year, I put the toaster oven in storage and bring out the real toaster because I hate how long the toaster oven takes to make toast. Possibly this crumby solution could make that swap a think of the past... interesting...

I have been very bad about walking recently as in not doing any. My goal was to be able to walk without stopping to rest of having to suck down an inhaler while my brother was here. So this was not the week to not walk. I wish intentions counted.

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