Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night my back and other parts just itched so much they hurt. I took a non-drowsy allergy pill in hopes of getting some relief via antihistamines. While it may have been non-drowsy, it was not non-coma. By 9:45, I couldn't keep my eyes open so I turned out the lights and went to sleep. At 6 am, I was out solid when the radio went off.

But, my first thought upon waking was ahhhhhhhh nothing itches!!! And so far nothing has. Whew.

My swim was good. I listened to my book which is really absorbing so the hour flew by.

Now I'm home, the cat is fed. I think she's coming off her needing to be fed every hour phase which is good because the cat food bill, at that pace, would be an issue.

I'm on the way back to the sewing room...

Several people have suggested I sell my dolls on Etsy (or Ebay). Selling involves so much more than making them. The logistics of packaging and mailing are nothing I want to be involved in but an even larger barrier is customer satisfaction. I make my dolls to satisfy me. I have -0 interest in spending time and energy to make them into what I hope customers might like enough to buy. Oh and No interest in marketing.

I hope that the bear lady will take them all off my hands and get them into little hands. I would hope that lots of little folks would love to have one but I have, again -0 interest in drumming up people and/or organizations for taking doll donations. The very idea of calling around to various groups and places to beg them to take the dolls, makes me cringe.

I guess I should have thought of that before I started cranking them out...
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