Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back attack

Ever since it got cold this year, I have been one giant itch. I have little places, like bug bite size, that itch off and on - one on my shoulder, one on my belly, one on my leg and then my back. All of a sudden my back will just itch all over. A really deep itch, the kind that if you scratch it, it itches even more.

I just had a massive back itch attack. I finally took my shirt off and slathered my back with itch relief cream and took and OTC allergy tablet. It's a little better. But this is just nuts. I should have asked my doctor about it when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

I know that I did not because I don't want anyone to say it's caused by the pool so if you want it to stop, quit swimming. But, I swam there for 4 months before the itching started but I'm still afraid that it might be the pool.

I toyed with various ways to work in a swim on the days when my brother was here but I honestly think that the smart money might be to just stop for a week and see how my skin feels. If it clears up and doesn't itch then I'll look at the pool as the culprit. It won't stop me from swimming there every day but it might help to know what's causing it and maybe get some more powerful antihistamine something or another.

Itching sucks.
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