Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And speaking of money

I just got my annual tax form thingie from the CPA who does my taxes. This year is the most simple ever. My income is very simple, my deductions are basically my mortgage interest and then the CPA gets all the other info he needs from my financial adviser. I originally found this CPA by asking my financial adviser 'do you know anyone???' They are buddies and their offices are in the same town and they basically just deal me out of it until they get it all done. I am very lucky to have both these guys looking out for me.

And I got my annual bill for Long Term Care Insurance today. I have no children or other family who will look after me when I am old and dependent. And this Long Term Care policy won't cover it all but it will help. My Dad bought policies for he and Mom. He died before he used his but it ended up covering 80% of Mom's bill every month when she entered dependent care. It was cheap when I got it 20 years ago but now it's $1,300 and climbing but I pay it and hope, like with all insurance, that I never need it.

The eyes I ordered came in from Etsy and they are perfect. Finally, small and uniform. I made up a lot of faces. And placed an order for more eyes.

I'm not wild about the light blue. I made up a doll using them and now I'm really not wild about them, but she only included a few of them so no biggie.

This one has Texas big hair.

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