Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


And traffic is back again but not as bad as I had it in my imagination. I left here at 7:15, swam and, so, hit the big traffic at 9:10 and the road was full but not slow and no stopping. It was fine. Nice.

There were a couple of resolution-ers at the pool but not what I expected. There was one poor guy who looked out of shape* enough that today's pool visit could have been a resolution. He came out of the locker room in his suit with his towel and took a pre-swim shower and then sat on the stairs into the pool for a good 10 minutes with elbows on knees and head in hands and finally he got up and walked back into the locker room.

I came right home. Tomorrow, I'm going to stop at the hair cutters. Wednesday is my nail appointment. One day I need to whip into the fabric shop and drop by the library and my supply of toilet paper is getting perilously low. And I need gas. That's my week as it looks right now.

Friday would be my normal bear delivery day but I think I'll wait until Monday and take my brother to meet the bear adoption lady.

I got sleepy very early last night and finally turned out the lights at 9:30. I felt like I didn't sleep that well but my fitness band said I did so I think I'll go with the band. It's tech. It knows better than me.

Today will be the usual - doll making, bear knitting.
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