Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gym Legit

I had a great swim and when I got out of the pool, Zach, the sales guy that knows me was there and I got all signed up. He remembers me from when that club location opened so it was nice to do business with him. I hope he gets a commission. And, it turns out, my membership is still cheaper than a month at the city pools. And the city pools have a much less convenient schedule.

I got my new club number and photo and login and got my phone set up to beep me in. All is set. I've had 9 months of swimming for free. And I do love that pool. I can't complain.

I did look around last night to make sure there were no hidden pools around town that would be a better deal. Could find none. There is one about the same convenience/distance but it has changed hands a lot, is chlorine, and has aqua classes during the times I want to swim. Price is about the same but it does not sound like a better deal in anyway. So I'm set for now.

I got my Twitter feed set up for CES. I'm glad I'm not going but I sure don't want to miss any cool tech news.

My brother's newsletter is ready for editing so I'll do that before I head back to the sewing room. More dolls! I have other stuff to sew but I decided to just do dolls until I'm sick of them.

Portland got snow. We didn't. Sigh. We did get ice. I drove over patches of it this morning. The drive from here to the pool is icy bridges. This could be tough for a couple of months.
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