Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gym situation

I check in every day at the gym with my phone. I bring up the badge and beep it against the reader. I noticed the other day that my name had turned from a white background to a pink one. It didn't click.

Today I get a voice mail from a woman at the Ballard LA Fitness (the first one I went to before the one I go to now in West Seattle opened). I had registered my brother as a visitor just in case. She wanted to set up a pre-membership appointment with him. Yeah. no. And then she went on to tell me that my Silver Sneakers had expired 'So do you want to pay for a membership?' Yeah. no. I told her I now go to the West Seattle LA Fitness and I am still a member of Silver Sneakers. Goodbye.

Then I remembered the pink thing. Then I logged onto the Silver Sneakers website which still shows my old insurance and gives me no way to update and does NOT recognize my new insurance anyway. BUT does respond to a forum question saying that if you change insurance and the new one has Silver Sneakers, you don't need a new card or member number or anything, everything will transfer.

So. I'm not worried. The Silver Sneakers deal is a sweet one but the administration of it is circa 1992. They are all marketing and nothing else. Issues and problems take forever to get fixed. Old people things are such a bother. On the up side, they have been around for so long now that everyone is kind of used to them around here anyway and just wave you on in. Plus at this point, if something happened to the Silver Sneakers deal, I'd pay for the gym/pool anyway. I can't not have it.

See this dude's hair?

Yesterday it was a bathrobe that someone left on the free shelf. I imagine this conversation "When are you going to get rid of that old thing? You have the new one now you got for Christmas, you should just toss that ugly POS." "Ok, but it's still good. I'll put it on the free shelf in the garage."

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