Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

learning new stuff

When Google changed their photo app and I had a hard time getting pictures to show up in non-googly things like LJ, I went back to Flickr. While I was gone, they updated the Flickr app so that you can get auto upload which is what I want BUT they don't let you auto upload to public. I do not have enough years left to waste them going into Flickr and changing the stupid permissions. So I went back to an old app that does that for me only now it doesn't do it most of the time, not automatically anyway.

So... This morning I did some googling and read a tip to use IFTTT and BAM she be good. If This Then That. This = take a picture. That = load into Flickr with permissions set to public. Works great. YEAH!!

Then I figured out how to make braids on my dolls.

When I was little I wanted long hair so very badly. I remember going to sleep, as young as when naps were still required, wishing with all my little girl might that when I woke up my hair would be long enough to braid. My Mom was not of the Little Girls Should Be Indulged school of parenting. She was big on short, easy for her to get the tangles out, hair. If, when she combed my hair, I squeaked even once, she's say 'You aren't tough enough for long hair.' And I swear she'd find tangles just so she could jerk the comb through to prove short hair was best.

1. I never ever got braids. 2. I have the toughest damn head anywhere. You could scalp me and I'd be all 'fine. whatever. I'm tough enough.' Ha, Mom! I win!! Except it turns out my hair is way too fine and thin. It got close to long enough a couple of times but I was too hold and even then there wasn't enough of it to braid.

BUT, now I can make dolls with braided hair. Score!!

The way these dolls are constructed means I really don't know what they are going to look like until the very end.

I make the face and then put on the hair around it. Then I attach the back hair to the body and the front hair to the body and make and stuff the limbs. Then I sew the arms onto the body and the legs. Then I tuck the legs up and the arms in and place the front faced down onto the back faced down and sew from the bottom of the body, along the side, over the arms to the neck around the head and down the other side to the other bottom of the body.

Then... I turn the doll right side out and only then do I get to see what she really looks like. So far, each time, it's a delightful surprise. Then I stuff the head and then the body and then finish off by sewing along the bottom across the legs. I really do love every one of them.
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