Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have yet to turn out the perfect one. Each of these has at least one error but each one is getting better. The arms need work... I need better hands and I'm obviously still working on the best angle. I like the mouth best on the latest one (stripey) and that's very replicatable.  I just love all the possibilities. And using up all the scaps and bits I've hoarded over the years. The one of the right has lace on the bottom (didn't come out too clearly in the photograph). I have a shoebox full of lace and trim bits that I've held onto forever. I'm delighted to finally have a use for them. And the striped fabric has been in my remants box also forever. And I have much more of both!

But, more importantly, my obsession to make more is strong! In fact I have a couple of swim suits and some other stuff on my list that I want to make. I need more hours in my retirement days!!!
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