Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I love this week!

If the world was mine, I'd always leave for swimming at 7. (Check that, if the world was mine, I'd have a fine lap pool in the basement of this building but...) But, because the rush hour traffic clogs my way home, leaving at 7 is rarely practical.

However this week it is so doable! I left at 7. I had the pool to myself until the last 5 minutes of my swim. Coming home as as easy as it normally is at 11am. Easy breasy and I have 2 more days of this! Friday, the gym doesn't open until 8 but still no traffic.

Today I will either do Costco or the library. Probably the latter because it's near my favorite market and I need a couple of things that only they carry. But, the library doesn't open until 10 so I think I'll do some doll making first and go later when I need a break. Maybe a lunch break. There's a Taco Time semi on the way home and I do love their soft burritos.

Yesterday, Zoey grabbed a leg reject from the doll that was giving me such fits. It already even had stuffing in it. She batted it all over the house and now I cannot find it. I'm guessing the house cleaner will turn up the leg at some point. That should be a fun explanation.
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