Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My road, my pool, YES!!!

Oh this week is going to be good. Zero traffic - on the road or in the pool. Next week is going to suck, probably, in both places so I want to make sure to wallow in the joy of this week.

While I was swimming today, I designed a boy doll. That's today's doing.

There is nothing on the agenda this week. The pool will be open all days so there will be swimming but nothing else is set in stone.

I do need to stop by the library at some point to pick up and drop off. And I'm nearly out of bacon so Costco is on the list but neither has to be done today or tomorrow.

We have had some very Seattle days weatherwise. Coldish and rainy - not downpours but solid dripping for sure. I really appreciate the no sun so I'm fine with the rest. And it's been great sleeping weather.
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