Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trying not to bitch

I think people who bitch about the neighborhood things that were obvious when they bought the place, are idiots. The Seahawks were playing here, across the street, when I moved in January 1992. So it is not at all fair for me to bitch about their games in my front yard. BUT... I am sooooo glad that today is the last Seahawks home game. Getting home from the gym at 9:30 was a major PIA. FOUR hours before the game starts. The real issue is idiots. People stand in the middle of the road. People park in the middle of the road. Drunks at 9:30 am. I suppose they might have a playoff game at home but otherwise, this is it until next fall, thankyoujesus.

(Also, in fairness, in the early 90's they sucked and crowds on game days generally numbered in the hundreds. They arrived, usually at or after kickoff and left about the 3rd quarter. So really not an issue.)

But, I was bummed because my longtime LJ friend, mhaithaca is in town for his first ever Seattle visit and holding a thing at a game shop in Ballard and there was no way I was going to get there.

The... while writing this entry, I got a Twitter message from him that he was on the ferry and did I know any good brunch places between the ferry dock and Pike Place Market? Well... yep I do. I shot him a list and pretty soon finagled my way into joining him and his friends for breakfast! It was very cool to meet him. He's one who has his actual own photo as his LJ icon so his face was very familiar. It was great fun. And his friends were nice and fun.


This time last year, my brother came to visit. My breathing sucked. I could not walk for shit. At one point we walked from the market to my house and we had to stop - long stops - 3 times just so I could make it.

Today, I walked easily with no stops. And walked while carry on a conversation! At one point, I was walking with all of them (long legged people) and going up hill and I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to keep up... but I did!!! I'm not sure they even noticed I was slower.

And, then I walked home from the market at a clip with NO stopping! According to my Shine, it walked a total of 1.3 miles. I'm so ready for my brother's visit this year.

Oh and the slippers that I bought and turned into boots? Perfect. They handle puddles without a thought and my feet made it home totally sans a pain.

What an amazing morning all around.

Off to the sewing room. Zoey's already back there waiting for e.
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