Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The day after...

Christmas Eve was a crowded kind of frenzy at the pool. This morning was the very opposite. Two regulars and me. One swam for 20 minutes and the other two of us for an hour and then the pool was empty. It did feel very good to swim again. I thought about stopping somewhere for breakfast but decided to come on home instead.

It's quiet here, too. Since the after swim bananas were too successful, now I'm trying one hard boiled egg and another cup of coffee. I bought a bag of 6 peeled, boiled eggs at Trader Joe's and they are pretty darned good and easy. We'll see.

Yesterday, I discovered that Google had a 75% off movie rental deal. I don't rent movies often but when I do, I usually do Amazon because it's easy and I can watch it via TiVo which is also easy. But, 75% off... I rented Spy. I kicked it off on my tablet that I had plugged in next to me and then sent it to the TV via Chromecast. When it got going, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a change in the tablet. As each character came on the screen, the tablet showed their photo, their character's name, their name and had a link to other stuff they had done!!!!

I have had whole movies ruined by trying to figure out where I'd seen whoever before. Now the answer is a freakin' click away!!!! I cannot imagine ever watching a movie any other way ever again. Apparently this is not new. Just new to me and I'm annoyed at every single person who knew about it and didn't tell me.

I'm still obsessed with this rag doll idea. I think it would be a fun way to use up scraps and be creative and I could toss them in with the bears for the Baby Bank. So the search for the perfect pattern continues. I have another one to try today.

And another movie to watch.

And a bear to knit.
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