Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wasting the day away!

My swim was good and my latest suit worked perfectly. The pool population today was clearly folks who were swimmers but not at this gym. They all walked in with an air of confusion. The spa was packed. It got crowded towards the end of my swim so I was very glad I had gotten there just before the doors opened. And, that's it for swimming until after Christmas. Missing a day won't kill me. It's annoying but not fatal.

I got home about 9:30. It's nearly 11. I have been piddling around doing nothing much of anything for an hour and a half. Android Pay dropped a $20 gift card into my account (special deal they have going) and I figured out I could use it without going to the store (score) so I fucked around on their website looking for stuff to buy. Didn't find anything I wanted. I'm thinking maybe after-Christmas sale?

Then I spent some time on my Windows machine trying to figure out why it no longer does a couple of things it used to. I failed. I set up a tablet that I no longer use with a little speaker that I no longer use and found apps to do what I want. I think it will work out just fine.

This is the oddest of holidays. Stuff is open, kinda, until early evening and we get mail and packages delivered. But, there is no traffic - cars or people - to speak of. It's kid of deafeningly quiet. Plus, not having any plans, myself, it's kind of hard to get a handle on what's happening. Weird. Not necessarily bad weird, just weird.

I'm doing laundry.
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