Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Doll #2 ... way way better

There is a reason why people use sewing patterns to make shit. Because it works way better than when you wing it!!

Doll #2 was created from a pattern I bought on the web last night. A very well spent $8. I did wing it a bit on the hair. I'm thinking it will be pig tails once I trim it up a bit. The $8 also included patterns for clothes - dresses and shirts and jumpers and pants. And... Shoes! Oh and an undershirt and under pants which really cracks me up.

But, I'm sewed out for today plus I have bears to knit. Busy Busy. Tomorrow is another day with plenty of time for clothes and hairdos.

The housecleaner said she would be back on Monday with more food. She was so crushed when she came on Friday to discover I had eaten already. So last night I waited to eat dinner. I nearly starved to death because she never came. Tonight I'm not waiting. She's big on saying that she always keeps her word but she's not always big on keeping her word. It's fine. I don't need ore food. I'm just glad she's not buying me anything. But, I'm eating at my regular early time tonight.

And speaking of reservations... I made my first one for my brother's trip. There's a very cool place downtown that is a fully functioning restaurant teaching the homeless and unemployed how to run a restaurant. On Thursdays, they have a guest chef in to run the kitchen, teach them cool stuff and orchestrate a delicious prix fix 4 course dinner for $30. When I first went 25 years ago it was $8. But $30 is a steal. Depending on the guest chef, it is sometimes hard to get reservations. But I snagged us a table the week my brother is here. Score!

I did make it to the library and Goodwill so I'm declaring today a success.
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