Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Forgot Trader Joe's

I realized this morning that from now until January 4th, I'll bet I can go to the gym as early as I want because there will be very little traffic to interfere with my getting home.  I only went about 10 minuites earlier than normal this morning and when I got to the pool's edge it was full. 2 people in each lane. But, by the time I got my earbuds in and goggles on and was ready to go, one of the people finished so I didn't really have to wait.

And, I was right. The traffic was a nothing burger. But, I totally forgot to stop at Trader Joe's. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow.  The two things I want are Christmasie and no telling when they will take them off the shelves until next year.

I did remember to stop at the fabric store, though. Last night I found a good doll pattern that also includes patterns for clothes and hair and shoes! So I got good fabric for the body and also some shoe fabric. I'm going to dig in and get started this morning.

But, also coming today, is new swim suit fabric.  Sooooo much to sew!!

This year has been really amazing online ordering wise. It's the first year that I've really felt the corner turn. Online sellers have got it down but the shipping peops have now joined the circus. In the past week, I have, via tracking numbers, tracked packages on USPS, UPS and FedEx. Every single one of them has beat their estimated delivery date by a day and USPS delivered two packages two days early!  I remember in the late 90's, the year the few online vendors that there were totally fucked up the entire deal - promising Christmas deliveries that didn't even come close to making it. Even Amazon, that year, was a fail.  How far we have come.... nice.

Sometime this afternoon I need to go out... library and Goodwill.
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