Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maker me

I went back to the sewing area a little after 11 and just now emerged. I taught myself a cook new zipper trick for making little zippered bags. I made 3. I made a new swimsuit out of the leftover bits of swimsuit lining. The back is lime green and the front is neon yellow. And, yeah, it looks as weird as it sounds. I made a slip case for my good scissors.

Next up, probably new Crocs socks and then I hope to get to that doll I want to design and make and dress.

I tidied everything up and even ran the vacuum.

Then I screwed around with my windows machine which wanted a giant update which rendered two of my programs not useable. Sent off emails to the respective help aliases.

Now I'm going to watch a little bit (probably very little) of the news and have some dinner.

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