Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Rocket Man

I do not listen to much music outside of the pool. But, this morning coming home in the car, neither NPR station had anything good and I was caught up on podcasts so I said 'Ok Google. Play some music.' And my phone started up a very perfect (for me) playlist. (Google knows me so well and I'm so grateful - privacy schmivacy. I'd rather have the perfect playlist.) Now I have the same playlist which is still awesome bluetoothed to the good speaker... Art Garfunkel, you're whacky but you know a song...

I've made and et an outstanding breakfast. My plan is to clean up the kitchen and then hit the sewing room. I have projects galore swimming around my brain. It amuses me that I get so much joy, once again, out of sewing after not doing much of it all for so many decades. I love pretty much everything about it. The mechanics/machinery, the creativity, the math, and the results.

My nose irrigation has cleared out my nasal passes some but last night was still a struggle. I'm going to keep up daily neti pot sessions for a few days anyway in hopes. I wake up 3 or 4 times every night with a desert dry mouth and inability to swallow without water. It's annoying. I went through a year or two of waking up with painfully dry eyes (as if I was not closing my eyes completely while I slept). And then, one day I realize that my eyes were never dry before. (I still have more than a dozen little plastic eye drop bottles in the fridge - I need to toss those things out.)

I think I'll do that right now.
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