Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I bring more on Monday but this ready now!

Amira brought what is part 1 of 2 dinners just now.

A beautiful looking chicken cutlet with a creaming mushroom sauce.
Bosnian teryiaki which looks like goulash over rice
Stuffed grape leaves

And... homemade baklava!

The portions are perfect for one person and they all look delicious. She was a lot later than she wanted to be and was crushed that I had just eaten. She opened each one and explained what it was.

"These you put in freezer now. Now!" she said pointing to the goulash and the grape leaves. So I did. "THIS you have for dinner tomorrow." The cutlet. She cracks me up. And it all looks so good.

"Monday I bring more and more baklava. But now I go home to rest. This traffic is ooooooooph!"
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