Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy busy

My nose seems to stay blocked with dried snot. How's that for a lovely entry intro?! It's not only annoying, it's interfering with my sleep and that's just not acceptable. I probably have sleep apnea which could kill me. That I could live with (or not as the case may be) but not being able to move air through my nose is just too miserable to live with.

So today I bought a neti pot. I have resisted for a long time because 1. ewwww and 2. Dr. Oz says to and I would have liked to have built my life doing the opposite of what Dr. Oz says but turns out I'm not a purist.

I actually 'neti'd' a little last night and it seemed to help but a syrup pitcher lacks the je ne c'est quoi needed to make the operation efficient with minimum of ewwww. I found a cheap one at the drug store and used it when I got home. So far, excellent.

I also stopped at the grocery after my swim and got the goods for another pot of Chili which is now on the stove simmering away. I also got the mixin's for Frito pie. There will be some good meals coming up...

My car is so clean inside. I put all the stuff that I can't live without back in but managed to tuck it in here and there so you can't even see it. So so nice. I get such a great feeling from having stuff neat and tidy.

I keep knocking the back of my hands on things. And they are now covered with purple blood bruises. I got another good one lifting the sour cream off the freakin shelf! I was doing so good for so long. But, now I'm back to needing gloves 24/7. It could be so much worse. It does not hurt, it does not lead to anything fatal or anything at all really. It's just ugly and I need to just ignore it.

This morning during my swim, I thought of the game plan for when my brother visits. Mainly the eating game plan. It's a great opportunity to try all the places I have always wanted to try and revisit favorites. I need to make a list. I remember once being in with a large group of friends, all couples. Somehow the topic got on 'what a great cook my significant other is'. "Bob, makes the best breakfasts." "Jane is a whiz with leftovers." And so forth around the room until they got to my boyfriend who's contribution was "Susan makes amazing reservations." He was not only hilarious and a great boy friend but also right. I do make great reservations.

Now I need to go put sheets on the bed I just stripped and take the garbage down to the dumpster. Then I think I'll sew up the bag I cut out the pieces for eons ago.
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