Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I crack myself up

My brother has two sons. I saw a good bit of them until they were about 4 and then I've probably seen them each 2 or 3 times. I saw them both when my father died in 1999 and that was the last time. At that time they were 20 and 17.

The oldest one got married before my Mom died in 2005. She got to go to the wedding and had the most glorious time. I've never met his wife. They have two little girls now 4 and 7.

Every Christmas, his wife sends me a Christmas card and includes 4 photos - 1 each of the girls, 1 of the girls together and one of all 4 of them. I have no contact with them other than this card every year. (They live on the other side of the country and have their own lives - there is no malice at all. It is incredibly sweet of her to send me the card and pictures every year.)

But... She uses a return address of Ms. Jennifer Schubert...

Schubert is my maiden name and while not incredibly unusual, it's not a name you run into every day. So when I see it, I do a double take.

For the last few years, every time I pull her card out of the mailbox and see that name my mind goes right to:

"??? Who the fuck is Jennifer? Did Daddy have a love child and she's finally tracked me down??!!!"

And it happened again this year. Poor Jennifer. And I'm standing at the mailboxes just laughing at myself.
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