Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Break time

I have now gone through every scrap of fabric that I own and squared it off, folded it up, sorted it and put it away. Knits in one place, fleece in one place, spandex in one place, woven in one place and odd bits of whatever in another place. Scrapstoosmalltouse in the recycling bin. WHEW.

Just as I finished that and before I folded the laundry now resting on my bed, I sat down to take a break and the detail guy called. Car was ready. It was still raining and cold and the only Car2Go nearby was reserved. So I walked about a mile to the next one. It still cost me $6 plus the walk but whatever.

The car looks AMAZING. They did a wonderful job. They also washed the outside and scrubbed the wheels which really needed it and now shine. I put the water bottles back in and the floor mats. I still need to make one more organizing pass at the other stuff that needs to go back in.

I am whipped. Pasta and sausage for dinner. It's easy and filling and I don't have to think about it.

But, first, I need to get those clean clothes put away.
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