Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

wrong, really?, wrong, no, wrong...

The radio did not come on at 6 this morning. I woke up at 6:20 and hit the panic button. I needed to get to the pool and get swum and then get back over the bridge to the detailing place. I was shooting for 9. I'd be ok with 9?30. 10 would have been rude.

I skipped coffee and got dressed and ready and was now too early.

I finished a new suit yesterday trying some new architectural tricks all of which worked out really well. I only lined the front which made the whole suit less bulky and heavy. And the lining ends up covering the seams which makes it more comfortable. I did not try it on when I was finished but slipped into it this morning and... perfect!!

The bridge was packed. solid. crawling. It took me twice as long to get across. But, because I left early, I was still there about 9:30. It was raining not pouring but more than misting. The detailing guy was really nice and got one of his guys to run me home. The traffic and rain was a mess so I suggested he let me out once we got to flat sidewalk which was about 3/4ths of a mile from home.

I was glad I didn't have one of the heavy suits (wet) with me and the walk home was not only pleasant bu very comfortable. I am totally ready for my brother's visit and confident that I'll be able to keep up with our walking anywhere and everywhere we need to.

I have more walking to do even today. I need to walk a package over to the post office and then this afternoon I need to go get the car. I wonder what the price difference is Uber, cab or car2go. Well, I just googled that and discovered that car2go was cheaper by far.

I'm excited to get it all cleaned. Although, I will say, that getting all my shit out of it, made it look a whole lot better!

Laundry today. At least a couple of loads. And then I need to clean out my fabric stash. There is very little future for small spandex scraps so the rule is until it's a nice big squared off piece, it will get trashed. And that goes for most all fabric. Stash - fabric or yarn - can take over quickly if you don't watch out.

When I told the friendly detailer this morning that I was retired (answer to 'when do you get off work so we can have the car ready then?') he asked very thoughtfully 'don't you get bored?'. I don't him I didn't have time.

I just got a package from my brother of a beautiful Christmas tree made from computer bits (my sister in law's doings). It's so cool!!

Also in the package was a community magazine that my brother bought advertisement in. He's got the back page and it looks so nice.

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