Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Why she have two... boyfriend??!!!!

My housecleaner cracks me up always. She's from Bosnian and speaks way better English than I speak Bosnian but still she's missing a lot of words and her accent is very thick. Her daughter often comes with her and is s superb translater but daughter's not here today.

Amira asks me if I like downal tramp. It took 3 times but we got it... Donald Trump. She thinks he will be president because he has so much money but 'ewww his leeps' (she makes her lips into fish lips). "His wife is from Slovinia... how she sleep with him???? Money." She did crackle big time when I asked if she knew her from the old country.

She told me how much she liked my new dining table set. "When I saw it I thought Why she have two? Maybe she get boyfriend??!!!!" Another cackle.

She's really a riot.

I cleaned out the car. I left 4 water bottles and 2 floor mats down by the car but this is the rest...

And people mock the Smart Car because it's too small ... Big enough to hold massive bags o' shit!

I'm hoping I eliminate at least half of this shit and maybe put back into the car a forth of it.
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