Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Most every year my house cleaner gives me a Christmas present. Usually it's something very nice which I always hope is being regifted as I would feel terrible about her spending that kind of money on me. A couple of years the gifts have been really nice things that I still have and use today. A couple of years the gifts have been things that are so not even close to my taste and/or I have zero use for. I'd really rather she didn't give me anything at all. But, clearly that's not going to happen.

She came in this morning and announced that this year's gift is different because "you have enough stuff" (she's surely got that right!). She's going to cook for me for a week. "I bring everything ... everything ... in containers for you to eat." She does love to cook and has, in the past, brought me things, most of which have been delicious. I'm very delighted about this cooking for me thing. I think 5 days is too many but still. Sweet idea and whew.

My swim was good this morning but I'm ready for my new goggles to arrive today. I rarely toss goggles out so when I lost the pair last week, I grabbed some old ones. They are ones left over from the chlorine days and they are in pretty bad shape. I ordered 2 pair from Amazon. 1 to be shipped 2 day Prime and the other to be shipped later so I get the $1 off ebook/music. Both are coming today - thanks, Amazon!!

I have a swim suit to finish today and then I have to empty the car of all of my shit for the detailing tomorrow. I'm a little anxious about getting home tomorrow after I drop the car off and getting back to pick it up when it is done. First choice is that someone from the detailing place drives me home or close to home but if that doesn't work out, there are several different options for both drop off and pick up. I'm playing it by ear.

But, first there needs to be the excavation of the stuff.
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