Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It is putonanothersweater chilly in this house this morning. I even broke down and turned on the space heater. (only for a little bit, though).

I had a nice swim. I probably should have stopped at the grocery store after but I didn't. I just came on home. The single banana after my swim isn't getting it. Today I'm back to cereal at 10 am - oh well.

On my todo list is clean out the car. It goes in for detailing on Thursday and every single thing needs to be out of it. That, by itself, will be a good thing. It's not really untidy but there is a lot of shit in there that I do not need to be carrying around all the time.

Today it's the house that needs a tidy. The housecleaner comes tomorrow.

My cable TV is down. On the very day I get the bill and it's a hefty bill as my 'new customer price reductions for the first year' expire. But, I called, waited on hold for 55 seconds and then talked to a very nice guy who looked on his map and verified that they knew about it and were fixing it now. I'm ok with that.

Next up finish the tunic and then maybe sew up the swim suit I cut out the other day.
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