Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No self control

I quit sewing for the day and took a walk. Just in the building but about double my usual distance. I sat down to knit and heard that tunic top calling me so I went back to sewing. I put in one sleeve and then tried it on and instantly remembered why I wanted it in the first place.

I have giant hips and teensy shoulders and small boobs. No one makes clothes to fit me. If I buy a tunic to cover my ass, the shoulder seams are halfway down my elbows and from the waste up there is enough room to fit another person.

I wanted a nice, easy top that looked nice and fit to mainly wear over leggings. And that's exactly what I've got. It's so thrilling to have shoulder seams ON the top of my shoulders. It's the little things!

I finished off the seams to keep them soft and to ensure their integrity. It's extra work that probably isn't even needed but it's such luxury to have something so well made!

Picture tomorrow.

My friend, Scott, who lives in the central part of the South Island of New Zealand has sent me a picture calendar ever since we first met via email in 1995. 2016 arrived today. Even after all these years, come some random month down the road, I'll glance over and see a day in red and wonder 'what the hell holiday is that???' New Zeland has two blue zillion holidays. When I was working I got very excited about seeing a red day off from work day on the new month. I'm over that now but I still chuckle on red days.

I see in January, that the 4th is red. They have so many holidays, they ran out of names. January 4th is labeled Public Holiday. Oh those hilarious Kiwis.
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