Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ooops too late

I decided I'd walk over to the teryiaki place this afternoon and get dinner and a walk in - a package. After sewing. Except I got drowned in my sewing and by the time I thought to stop, the teryiaki place was closed for the day. Oh well.

My shirt/blouse/tunic top/ worked out better than I expected. Except it's way more work than I really wanted to do. I'm not wild about the fabric but the tweaks I made to the pattern worked out perfectly so if/when I run into some good fabric, I'll have the right pattern for it.

It still needs sleeves.

I have stuff for dinner in the fridge and freezer but I should go take a walk somewhere. Maybe I'll just do around the block or two and call it good.
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